Institutional Investors

Luxcore has made its return to the private capital markets and is currently seeking to raise substantial investment funding. Our all-photonic G7 LambdaRouter™ technology, coupled with our vertically-integrated Cloud Data Infrastructure platform is ready to market on a global level. At this exciting juncture, we are welcoming accredited institutional investors to realize our go-to-market potential and scale.

Welcome to Luxcore’s return to the private capital markets and our SEC Reg D 506(c) Private Placement Offering of Preferred Equity Shares, concurrent with Secondary market participation, facilitated by Nasdaq Private Market. Accredited, Institutional Investors Only. For more information, and to gain access to our Electronic Data Room, please call our Investor Help Desk (404) 341-7178.

For existing shareholders:

LFC: PRIVATE_US (LUXC:Private (US)) by Morgan Stanley


Corporate Counsel: Ice Miller, LLP

Auditors: Frazier & Deeter, LLC