The Luxcore™ Solution

Luxcore's Optical Internetworking Technologies enable the world's first truly vertically-integrated Cloud Data Platform providing security, scalability, availability and performance at an unprecedented scale never before seen – becoming the new global Internet backbone to support a truly "digitally-connected global economy."

Luxcore’s solution is made possible by the company’s proprietary Hyperscale LambdaRouter™ which consists of:

Revenue from a Disruptive Business Model

“Infrastructure-as-a-Service” Recurring Subscription Fees and Variable $/Mb $/Gb “Pay-Per-Use” Fees.

Luxcore generates revenues from the global deployment of its proprietary Digital Platform Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) – Subscription Fees and Variable $/Mb, $/GB“Pay-Per-Use” Revenues.

Infrastructure Services:
Data Compute, Data Storage, Data Transport.